Woman’s Disability Serves As Inspirational Reminder

An inspirational story from a “newly” disabled person serves as a valuable reminder:  disabled does not mean less of a person.  Blogger and life coach Yvonne Garris, recounts the story of her newly acquired disability, which she equated to the end of life, as she knew it.

Due to an illness in 2004, Yvonne lost most of her sight.  As she coped with the devastating news, she realized that returning to work was not something she could handle.  Interesting were her observations of how others reacted to her newly acquired disability.  People were amazed that she could perform simple tasks such as cooking and tying her shoes.  In Garris’ words, “I lost my sight, not my mind!”  She noticed that people couldn’t understand how those with disabilities could still have lives.  After all, it was not in the too distant past that people with disabilities were often institutionalized.

While her instinct was to lay down and curl up, Yvonne beautifully recounts how she came to the realization that she had the opportunity to be more of the person she wanted to be.  She eventually returned to school and got a bachelor’s degree in social work.  She’s working on her life coaching certificate and has recently started a life coaching business.  Ironically, before Garris was disabled she was afraid to take a risk and pursue her dream of helping others.  Now, she refers to herself as a very lucky person.

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