A How-To Guide: Using AudioEye to Find a Job

Providing equal and barrier-free access to employment and job opportunities is what we’re all about at Pro Able.  With technology and Internet usage on the rise, being able to access information and online tools is more important than ever. So to help celebrate Disability Employment Awareness Month, we’re happy to announce our launch of AudioEye on the Pro Able network!

We understand that your disability is only a single part of who you are. When it comes to employment and finding jobs, it’s about what you CAN do at work that really matters. With this new easy-to-use tool, equal access to jobs on our network is no longer a problem.  Regardless of your challenge, our AudioEye integration has the tools and functions tailored to your needs in a single click. All you have to do is click your spacebar to access.


So How Does It Work?


For the first time, control the level of quality of the audio you hear when listening to the playback of site navigation and page content. Traditional accessibility tools such as screen readers consist of limited and varying degrees of low quality audio sources and voice fonts. This is not what accessibility should be.

AudioEye Navigator: Use for professional read navigation with a best-in-class text-to-speech engine.

Reader Mode: Change font weights and size in full screen mode. You can also remove all other page elements to display text at the forefront.

Contrast Control: Gain control over page content and background display colors. This is a great function for color blindness.

Cursor Size Control: Enlarge your cursor to stay aware of where your cursor is in the screen display.


Provided in both Site Display and Reader Display Mode, real-time highlighting is a key feature that vastly improves user retention. Also known as Immersion Reading, the AudioEye navigator highlights words as they are being read back to you, all in real-time, of course.

Immersion Reading: Use real-time highlighting and subtitling to improve your retention and comprehension.

Click-To-Listen: Easily navigate audio tracks in winch with clickable, visual test display.

Playback Speed Control: Toggle between audio speeds in order to meet your personal preference for retention.


At the core of the platform is the ability to use our website without needing a mouse

Keyboard Command: Provides a corresponding key command to trigger the same action.

Voice Command: Soon to come, this feature allows you to fill out a web form or complete a search vocally.


Captioning: Experience audio in the most effective way with closed captions.

So how do you start? Simply navigate your mouse to the bottom right of this screen and click. You can also press your spacebar!  Then, login to update your profile and find a job that works for you.

Once you get started, feel free to contact us with any questions through the Pro Able Support Center.

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